Honey, It’s Cold Outside!

The seasons are changing and it’s starting to get cooler and my body has been going through it. In the mornings recently it has been averaging around 38 degrees this week and I have felt every bit of it. During the fall and winter months I tend to spend more and more time in the bed mostly because the cold causes me to tense up which causes a higher degree of pain. Don’t get me wrong, I welcome the change from the 100+ temps we tend to see here in TX during the summer months but as it gets cooler I tend to go into my personal hibernation.

Fighting with the thermostat because I can’t seem to regulate my temperature, adding on layers, oh and the thick, cozy socks that my daughter buys me for Christmas each year begin to make their annual appearance around this time. I can’t forget my favorite fall/winter accessory…my weighted blanket!!!! Not only does it help keep me warm, it helps manage the fibromyalgia pain. I believe the one I use the most is about 20 lbs. I think everyone in the world should have one…or two! In addition to my weighted blanket, there are other things I love during this time of year that help me manage pain and inflammation:

  • Hot Tea (Oolong is my favorite right now with a splash of heavy cream)
  • Yummy Soup (Warm and comforting…Tomato Basil)
  • Bubble Baths (As hot as I can stand it, with Epsom Salt)
  • Hot Stone Massage (Helps with pain management)
  • Weighted Blanket (I know…I had to say it again, it really is a game changer)

You see when it’s cold outside I tend to tense up which causes even more pain. The muscles in my body are so tight and it’s hard for me to relax. I also notice an increase in brain fog when it’s both cold and rainy. Not fun at all, so that makes me want to stay in bed and sleep when really what I need to be doing is moving my body so the muscles have a better chance relax so I’m not so tense.

Keys To Staying Warm This Winter:

  • Layering
  • Thick, fuzzy socks
  • Lots of blankets
  • Hat (Keep your body warm from the top)
  • Gloves (My hands are always cold)
  • My favorite scarf (Really it’s my husbands, but I sneak and wear it sometimes…don’t tell)

What are some ways you keep warm during the fall/winter months? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to drop a comment below or send an email to info@windysjourney.com

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