A Day In The Life Of Someone With Chronic Illness | Part 3 | Evenings

The final part of my “Day In The Life Of” series will be rather short and to the point as there’s not a lot going on for me at the end of the day. The priority for me and my family after about 6pm is…what will we eat for dinner. This is a point of stress for me, my husband and my daughter because we can never really decide what we want to eat, but we surely know what we DON’T feel like eating which makes it hard to make a decision. Is it just our family? Surely not…Lol! #cansomeonemakeadecisionalready!

For those of you who have been following our blog and/or podcast you know that I cannot have gluten or else I will become very ill. This drastically limits what we can eat near our home. We are surrounded by tons of fast food, none of which are places I can eat safely. That means we will either have to cook (Ha) or drive somewhere a little further out to get something that is safe for me to consume. There is typically a lot of back and forth before we land on something. Recently my husband made an announcement that going forward, if we are eating out or ordering in it will be up to me to decide what we will eat. That comes with lots of pressure as someone in our family is a picky eater (Not saying any names)! My husband is not interested in the back and forth that ensues every time we need to decide what we will have for dinner. I understand his point of view as it can become quite exhausting. You might be thinking to yourself, “Why don’t you just cook”…that would seem like the obvious solution but I don’t really have the energy to cook. It wipes me out unless it’s something that can be thrown into a crockpot and left to do it’s thing.


Once we’ve had dinner, the only other thing that’s left on my list of things to do is…yep, you guessed it…SLEEP! I wish I could tell you that it’s easy for me to fall asleep as tired and fatigued as I am, but it’s not. Not only does it take me a good amount of time to fall asleep it’s also hard for me to stay asleep. I wake up in the middle of the night in pain throughout my entire body. The pain is so intense and it feels like I’m on fire. I will take some RX and try to fall back asleep. Sometimes I can and sometimes it’s not that easy. Insomnia is a very real thing that I deal with on a weekly basis. It leaves me even more tired and exhausted the next day. When I can’t sleep I will usually read my Bible and pray. Eventually I do fall asleep and prepare for everything to start over again the next day!

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Daniel 3:18: And if not, He is still good! 

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Here’s a picture of me finally falling asleep on a day that I was feeling absolutely horrible!