Some Days I Feel Like Giving Up | I Won’t

This is a post that I debated writing for quite some time. My goal with this blog and podcast (Windy’s Journey), is to be fully and completely transparent in hopes that my journey will Empower | Encourage | Inspire someone else who might be living with chronic illness. That being said, sometimes it’s really hard putting yourself out there for fear of judgement or misunderstanding. At times the fear paralyzes me and I don’t post or share some things that I know would be helpful for someone else. I belong to several groups on social media where I get to hear about other people’s journey living with a variety of chronic illnesses. Some of the stories I heard are gut-wrenching and quite frightening. Hearing such stories can have a toll on me because I care so deeply about people who are sick. It can be depressing at times to live everyday in pain, not feeling well and longing for the version of yourself that no longer exists.

Some days I feel like giving it all up…the blog, the podcast and caring for others who are dealing with the same things I’m dealing with. I know the subject of chronic illness isn’t a “sexy” topic and not a lot of people want to sign up to hear me “complain” about ALL the things I have going on in my life. I get it, but for some reason I just can’t seem to let it go. I feel as though my story will reach the ONE person who needs to hear my story and me inspired to keep fighting. But like I said, some days I just feel like it’s a waste of my time. While I know that’s not true, it’s hard to keep pushing and to keep fighting even though I know it’s what I am called to do. I know there are millions of people living with invisible illnesses who need a word of encouragement to know they are not alone. It’s easy for me to get caught up in the number of likes I get (or not get) on my social media posts or the number of people who are following my blog and/or podcast. I have to stop worrying about that…I have a great friend who recently told me not everyone who sees my posts on social media will always “Like” the post or make a comment on my blog posts but my message is inspiring them and that I need to get out of my head and keep sharing my story! Such great advice…right? Even if only person is helped by hearing my journey with chronic illness, that is enough.

I will continue to write, post and record podcast episodes when I am feeling up to it. It does require a lot of energy, which oftentimes I don’t have, but when I can it’s so worth it.

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XO- Windy

Daniel 3:18 “And if not, He is still good! “

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7 thoughts on “Some Days I Feel Like Giving Up | I Won’t

  1. Ruth Luke

    Keep writing and sharing. Even for us who don’t have to deal with chronic illness… it helps to know what you and others are walking through and our family members who may be suffering too. Your gift with words helps us to understand what they are walking through also. Please keep sharing – you are so very brave Windy and we all love and appreciate you so much

  2. Reading about chronic illnesses very day became over whelming, I stopped participating in one group and don’t spend much time reading about others journey. I care deeply as you do but I have to come first. I also got tired of the complainers, the same person every week with her complaints and negative tone about having a chronic illness got old. I read about chronic illnesses from my blog and don’t go looking for more. I started blogging in 2005 and will say there are ups and downs, sometimes your just tired and the desire to blog again will come back soon. 🙂

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