What’s Wrong With My Thyroid?  

Over the past several months I have been having an issue with my weight.  Since the end of 2021 I have gained over 20 pounds.  I don’t really eat much, maybe twice per day so that inspired me to reach out to my doctor to see what was going on. After a series of trips to the lab I found out that my thyroid is underactive again.  This is not the first time I’ve had an issue with my weight and my thyroid.  Back in 2018 I had a similar issue and my RX was adjusted and I was able to lose the weight. This time, the bloodwork showed that my levels had decreased again which meant I needed to have my RX adjusted. 

According to thyroid.com, More than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime. An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease. Although it feels very personal to me, I know I’m not alone in my struggle.

Over the course of a year, my medication has been adjusted twice, however it does not appear to be working.  I am not able to move comfortably, I cannot fit into my clothes comfortably and just don’t feel like myself.  With the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Lyme Disease, I am unable to exercise to try and get the weight off.  It’s hard for me to walk long distances and it’s equally hard for me to walk for a long period of time without my heart rate increasing to the point of becoming dizzy, and feeling like I am going to pass out.  My hands start shaking, I become lightheaded and weak. It’s actually quite scary when I think about it.  My doctor suggested water exercise, the only thing about that is I’m not a swimmer. I’m thinking I will be ok in a hot tub or a pool in the shallow end, but I have not yet started and I know I need to.  

Since the weight gain I can tell I’m a bit more self conscious and anxious. You see I don’t like the way to look and feel and in my head everyone has noticed. I know those close to me love me know matter what but I get in my head and just want to crawl under a rock or just stay in bed. I ask my husband more regularly if I look ok and of course he thinks I’m beautiful. My girlfriends think I’m as stylish as ever and their support means a lot. Some days I look in the mirror and feel sorry for myself. In those moments I feel a little depression trying to creep in. It’s a battle every single day, physically, mentally and spiritually. I cannot allow my illness to define who I know God created me to be. I am more than how I look, I just have to be intentional about reminding myself who God says I am and control the things I can control. Some of the things I’ve been working to implement are:

  • Eating less carbs and sweets
  • Eating more fish, fruit and veggies
  • Drinking more water (Especially lemon water…helps with inflammation)

In the meantime I will wait to see what the doctor says about making additional changes to my thyroid medication and go from there. I do realize that it’s not just my thyroid, it also has to do with the amount of inflammation and swelling in my body. Lot’s going on but God is still good!

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XO- Windy


5 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With My Thyroid?  

  1. Carl Cumberbatch

    I’m so proud of you WJC! Yes, you are the most beautiful woman I know and love. Keep fighting, change is on the way.

  2. Ruth Luke

    I love reading your blog. It’s true… your friends think you are super stylish and we all just wish were even half as classy as you! I’m
    Sorry this has been so hard and truthfully I had not noticed any weight gain. I hope you are able to find a nice pool you feel comfortable with in which to excercise . Love you and praying for you

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